About Triangle Magazine

Triangle magazine is published by the Office of Marketing and Communications at Springfield College. Please direct all correspondence to the Director of Executive Communications & Triangle Editor-in-Chief, and submit class notes and other information to the Staff Writer and Photographer.

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Jane Johnson Vottero

Director of Executive Communications & Triangle Editor-in-Chief

(413) 748-3275



Judith Kelliher

Staff Writer and Photographer

(413) 748-3962


Stephen A. Roulier

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

(413) 748-3171

Damon Markiewicz

Associate Director for Media Relations

(413) 748-3044

Brian Magoffin

Director of Sports Communications

(413) 748-3341

Kelly Gonya

Print Production Manager

(413) 748-3172

Brian Page

Website Manager

(413) 748-3750

Evan Moreau

Web & Video Development Assistant

(413) 748-3191

Cait Penndorf

Web Communications Editor

(413) 748-3263

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