Greetings from camp!!! We are currently settled in at Camp Bochica, where we will stay for the rest of the trip. We are fresh off a reflection, campfire, and several camp songs.

Before arriving at camp, we had the opportunity to run a youth empowerment activity with tenth graders at Colombo Gales School. The school was beautiful and welcoming—with five different buildings that were each a different color, several sports fields, and two playgrounds.

The students were so inspiring with their ability to speak English and reflect on their purpose and dreams in life. We also had a lot of fun interacting with the students outside through playing games and singing cheers.

We then hopped on the bus and traveled three hours to Camp Bochica. On the way, we stopped at a waterfall called Salto Del Tequendama and we were all in awe. The rush of the water against the trees made us want to capture the site and hold onto it forever.

At dinner, looking at pictures from the first day to tonight, we realized how much the relationship between all of us, our advisors, and our hosts, Pablo and Laura, has grown throughout this week. We are truly a family and we are excited to continue this bond once we get back to Springfield College. Emotions were running high tonight during the reflection because of how much we all truly care about one another and helping others. This experience, although it is not over, has been one of a kind and we couldn’t have asked for it to be more empowering.

Thank you to Jackie Davis and Megan Hacia for the update!


  1. Wow! The waterfall is amazing. You should all be proud of the work you have done. Congratulations on a job well done!!

  2. Thank you for choosing to spend your Spring Break with us! You truly left your mark here and our doors are open for you to come back. Saludos desde Colombia!

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