This morning we began day four, where continued to work at Claud and his wife’s home. The previous afternoon, we cut down a very large tree in his backyard. Although the tree ended up taking down a power line with it, our team came back the next day filled with energy and ready to work! We removed the pieces of the tree, unwanted items and debris from their yard. Claud and his wife were very appreciative of our presence and hard work. After we said our final goodbyes to Claud and his family, we moved onto our second site to work with Mr. John and his wife.
At the second site, the couple had thirty-five trees removed following the hurricane. When we arrived, we focused on raking the back yard and collecting debris. This was a quick stop but still meaningful as we got to know John and his journey struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Then, we ate lunch and prepared for a city street sweep. We broke up into groups and cleaned up the community. Our job during the sweep was to clean up debris from the side of the road. This gave us the opportunity to get to know students from outside of our trip better. As we were working, many community members would honk their horns at us as a sign of their appreciation for our hard work. All in all, we found fun in the chaos and enjoyed the nice weather!
Thank you to Alexx Niss and Nicole Giardino for the update!

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