Part 1:

Today Mike, Zach, Sam, Kendall, Tess, and Jill headed back to Ellendale and worked with Jesse for the day. We were also joined by Stacy who is the homeowner of the house we were working on. She has one daughter who has a house down the street in the development and will be moving into this house with her twin daughters. We learned that when the forecast calls for rain, it really means a monsoon and flooding. Because of this, we spent the morning learning how to caulk. Mike and Zach helped Jesse cut and nail trim, and we all dabbled in painting. For Sam, it was her first time using a circle saw and we learned that Mike is a natural wall painter! 

We had a short day in Ellendale due to the rain, but Don (the site supervisor with our other half of the group) was able to set up a friendly carpentry competition between the two groups! Kendall crushed the saw game in 7.31 seconds and Sam brought her A-game when it came to using a hammer to nail through a thick piece of wood.

After our work site and showers, the two groups were able to get out and enjoy a night out in Long Neck, Delaware with Don. Shoutout to Mike’s Crab Trap for the amazing food and hospitality! We were able to play a game called Mingo (bingo, but with a music twist) and a very kind gentleman and his wife paid for our dinner. Both groups are very appreciative to this couple and all the folks here in Delaware are truly amazing and so selfless. Everywhere we’ve been, whether it be our work site, grocery stores, or tonight at the restaurant, the locals have welcomed us with open arms and have thanked us for all the hard work we are putting in this week. And… Mingo was such a hit (so much so that 3 people in our group won), that we are hoping to bring it back to Springfield’s Bingo Nights!

Part 2:

What an eventful day! So much was done that we’re nervous that we might not be able to fit it all in this space. So sit back, relax, grab a snack and enjoy the reading. First, we went to the location on North Race St. where we muscled all the furniture back to its original location, which looked immaculate compared to the floor that we walked in on on Monday.  While there, a monsoon came out of nowhere, with winds that almost blew us away, but instead we were blown away by our hard work. We got in our minivan and drove to our Springfield Lane location, where we definitely had our work cut out for us. Don needed a new shelf in one of his trailers and also implored us to help him organize the garage that Habitat owns there, which looked like it came out of a scene from the show Hoarders. We broke up into groups, with some of us working on the shelf and the rest did some major organizing. While the shelf was a necessity, the organizing was what was really important as it is an immense help for all the staff at the Sussex County Habitat for Humanity, and probably saved them hundreds of dollars in the end. While all this was going on, Bella and Emily went back to North Race Street to continue to put the stain on the floors that they couldn’t get to due to the furniture over the past few days. Our group as a whole was firing on all cylinders today, as we completely finished the shelf in the trailer and made what once looked like an awful mess into a respectable looking garage space.

Thanks Don for relieving some stress by bringing both groups together for some fun games and positive reinforcement on how to get things accomplished. We all timed ourselves using a hand saw to cut some wood, and then we counted how many times it took us to hammer a nail into an incredibly thick piece of wood. We all hope you enjoy reading this blog and we hope you are “habi” to be here!


Thank you to Kendall Danna for the update!


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