Part 1:

Welcome to our blog, we are so happy that you have joined us in our endeavors. Today in Georgetown, Delaware the sun was shining, the birds were chirping with glee, and a whole entire Habitat for Humanity office was cleaned top to bottom by power-washers. For many, this was the first time ever handling this type of machinery and the power behind those puppies was quite unexpected. We were led by our gracious site leader, Don, who taught and watched patiently as we worked through our initial struggles. Through lots of teamwork and improvement and with the teachings of Don, we eventually got the hang of the power washers and were able to finish things up with some efficiency. And don’t go thinking that is all the work that was done today. We also were able to wax the complete first floor of a house that homes Habitat for Humanity volunteers. We put on the third coat and the floor looks like it was just put in compared to how it looked when we first got there.

Part 2:

Today marked over the halfway point in our trip and the second day continuing the work we had done in Ellendale. Fortunately, we were treated to a nice surprise as the regular volunteers joined us on the site. Many of these are retired contractors, individuals who served in the Armed Forces, or just overall great people who want to help make a difference. Everyone in the group spent time with specific volunteers. Mike and Sam worked on the second shed with Brenda, Nick, and Laura. Brenda and Laura are both retired but volunteer twice a week to stay active. They were both over the age of 65. Zach and Kendall worked with Bob, who is an Annapolis grad, spent some time in the Army, and worked for Dupont. You would’ve never guessed since he moved with grace and swiftness, but Bob is 84 years old and has been volunteering with Habitat since 1998. He also has 7 grandkids and just became a great grandfather recently. Jill and Tess worked with Herb, whose niece went to Springfield College. Just goes to show you how far the Springfield names goes! We also have to give a huge shoutout to Little Bob, who has been a volunteer for habitat since 1994 and is 92 years old. It was incredible to see how much they all loved the work they were doing and cared about getting things done the right way, even if it took a little bit longer. This was the only day we got to work with them, but we’ll keep you updated the next two days to see how much more we can get done on the development!

Thank you to Kendall Danna for the update!


  1. What a small world – finding a volunteer with a Springfield connection! Can’t wait to hear more about the powerwasher…

  2. So great to hear of connections discovered while new connections are being made and so much is being accomplished. What a tremendous amount of work!

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