This morning we began the day with an unexpected surprise. We didn’t know what activities the YMCA Bogota in Bosa had prepared for us. After arriving in Bosa, they had welcomed us with a salsa dance in which we participated. From there, we broke up into groups to learn more about the social, cultural, and environmental concerns in the community and how the youth is working together to make changes. We were given a tour of the community and were educated on the pollution and drug concerns and how the YMCA is combating these problems with the youth.

During the second portion of the day, we were fortunate enough to be able to visit Unimonserrate. This school offers bilingual teaching careers to college students our age. This was a new and exciting opportunity as it was our first time interacting with youth of the same age who we can relate to more easily as well as learn from. During our time we were able to lead empowerment activities and also learn from these youth in terms of the differences between our own education systems.

Throughout our trip we have been able to visit different communities and learn from new experiences. We are so grateful for this opportunity to work with the amazing youth in Colombia.


Thank you to Kathryn Laughlin for the update!

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